Feb 24, 2024

At Nihon Kohden Digital Health Solutions we focus on making value added software, hardware, and data driven solutions that complement Nihon Kohden’s leading hardware technologies. Our technology connects the patients’ information to the medical professionals that are caring for them.

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CNS Remote Client Technical Fact Sheet

The CNS remote client is a part of Nihon Kodhen's secondary patient monitoring system it allows hospital staff to monitor patients’ vital signs and waveforms, along with other patient information.

  • Effectively access and review clinically relevant patient data from multiple locations with diverse hardwired and telemetry monitoring environments.

  • Intuitive, real-time management of monitored data from locations other than the traditional central station.

  • Focuses staff attention on key information that can help speed interpretation and improve outcomes.

Example Screen

CNS example image

System Overview
CNS System diagram