Oct 03, 2023

At Nihon Kohden Digital Health Solutions we focus on making value added software, hardware, and data driven solutions that complement Nihon Kohden’s leading hardware technologies. Our technology connects the patients’ information to the medical professionals that are caring for them.

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NetKonnect ICU (NKICU)

The NKICU provides live data from patient bedside monitors and third-party connected devices through the Nihon Kohden Digital Health Platform in a concise layout.

  • As many as 500 patients, from multiple locations, can be remotely supported using NetKonnect ICU.

  • The NK ICU is a web-based application that can be accessed through any device with a web browser and no additional hardware is needed to begin using the application.

  • The NK ICU is device agnostic, with the ability to receive data from third-party monitoring devices.

Example Screen

NKICU example image

System Overview
NKICU System diagram