Apr 17, 2024

At Nihon Kohden Digital Health Solutions we focus on making value added software, hardware, and data driven solutions that complement Nihon Kohden’s leading hardware technologies. Our technology connects the patients’ information to the medical professionals that are caring for them.

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Waveform Plug-in Technical Fact Sheet

Nihon Kohden’s Waveform Plug-in to the NK-HiQ™ Enterprise Gateway assists research by consolidating numerical and waveform data into a single unified stream with an open API.

  • All wave forms and numeric data is available in full fidelity for simple access.

  • The Waveform plugin facilitates the stream of data into a NK data warehouse, which can store all patient data and provide useful analytics.

  • This product can interface with third party applications of hospital storage systems.

System Overview
Waveform server extension System diagram